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Project Management

For a long time we have been offering our Project Manager Service which aims to develop a project on behalf of a client or a company, managing the project from the outside.

In a construction project there are many stages to manage, from design to planning to construction itself. This means that managing such a project requires high-level multidisciplinary technical knowledge that allows you to successfully manage and conclude any initiative.

A project manager is responsible for planning, respecting the design, coordinating the economic and financial budget and therefore all the activities necessary for the supervision and success of the projects.

We can take care of:

  • preliminary cost budget

  • negotiation with General Contractors and suppliers

  • make cost estimates.

  • organize the working hours of employees and workers.

  • choose the most efficient construction method and strategies.

  • stay in touch with customers for work or budget issues.

  • discuss technical and contractual details with workers and other interested parties.

  • keep an eye on the personnel under construction on the spot.

  • collaborate with building and construction specialists.

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