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During planning phase, emerges the need to focus on the expected values in terms of:

  • time

  • resources

  • costs

  • quality

  • project risks

Our level of precision is high grade and uses various estimation criteria.
This is guaranteed by the Company's Project Manager who, thanks to his work experience, chooses the criteria to be adopted in the various phases according to the size of the submitted prodect.


Project Manager "service" can take care of:


  • preliminary cost budget

  • negotiation with general contractors and suppliers

  • make cost estimates.

  • organize the working hours of employees and workers.

  • choose the most efficient construction method and strategies.

  • stay in touch with customers for work or budget problems.

  • discuss technical and contractual details with workers and other interested parties.

  • keep an eye on the staff being built on the spot.

  • collaborate with building and construction specialists.


The design is developed by our technicians in collaboration with external architectural firms. The technical consultancy and the identification of structural solutions with the selections of appropriate materials and construction methodology, are crucial elements that allow to optimize the construction process.


It is possible to intervene in a building renovation of an existing building, whether it is a company, whether it is a hotel or a residential building through the creation of expansions also through superelevation. The use of metallic materials such as steel, allows, more dynamically than the use of elements in traditional building, such as for example concrete, MENO INVASIVE interventions in existing buildings. The new construction of STEEL FRAME and glass or STEEL and sandwich panels and in any case with dry techniques and materials, fits easily into the elevations of existing structures.
  From the structural point of view, the creation of a superelevation, determines the need for a seismic adaptation of the building in c.a., realizing interventions aimed at achieving the safety levels foreseen by the current Regulations.


We will carry out checks on welds of steel beams and floors in the construction site.

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